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Portable GPS & Cellphone Jamming Detector

Handheld Anti-Jamming Detector is designed to detect and locate if any GPS jammer or cell phone jammer around the vehicle.

GPS Signal blocker is working by transmitting the same GPS L1 frequency, overwhelming the signal, so GPS tracker cannot report the correct position. Jammers prevent stolen vehicles being tracked, also some drivers may use jamming to try to prevent detection by police and avoid fines; criminals use GPS blockers as cover for vehicle theft or illegal activity or driver to prevent the employer from knowing where they are going with the company vehicle.

Anti GPS Jammer protects GPS receiver from blocking navigation and interference. The handheld GPS Jammer Detector can pinpoint where jamming sources and located jammer.

Technical Consultation

Product details introduction:

  • Handheld Anti Jamming GPS Jammer Detector can detect not only GPS Jammer’s signals but also Cell Phone Jammer’s signals

  • Handheld GPS Jammer Detector has a switch to detect GPS Jammer or to detect cell phone jammer

  • Anti Car Thief using GPS Cell Phone Jammer to steal cars

  • Anti Burglar using GSM Wi-Fi Jammer to stop home security system

  • Without interfere with cellphone or wifi

  • Environment noise filter

  • Power-on self-test

  • Smart indication of all status

  • 8-led signal strength indication

  • 3 warning modes

  • Select detecting object

  • Battery & charging status

  • Sensitivity (distance) adjustment

  • Support power bank for long time use

Handheld Anti Jamming GPS Jammer Detector
Handheld Anti Jamming GPS Jammer Detector helps Law Enforce to scan cars on the road and to find if the criminal or car thief uses a GPS Jammer to escape from GPS tracking or they use a cell phone jammer  to disable the mobile communication of GPS tracking system.

The Portable Handheld GPS Jammer Detector is an anti-jammer detector, battery operated device able to detect the GPS Jammer, mobile phone jammer and Wi-Fi jammer.
This device can detect 2 jammers’ signals and users can select jamming signal to detect based on the detected objects.

  • Wideband signal jammer of cell phone, Wi-Fi, GPS and so on.

  • Narrowband (single channel) GPS Jammer


* Specification may change without prior notice.

Detecting ObjectWideband Jammer Of Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, GPS, Etc.
Narrowband (Single Channel) GPS L1 Jammer
DimensionL 11.6 X W 7 X T 3.3 Cm (Not Including Antenna)
WeightAbout 170g (Not Including Battery)
Power1. AAA / UM-4rechargeable Battery Or Dry Battery X 4
2. 5V DC Switching Power Adaptor
Warning Mode1. LED
2. Beep
3. Vibration
4. Identified Indication
 Bandwidth ResolutionFULL Band Detection
Frequency Scan Timing For Jamming SignalAlways Detecting
 Handling Of Jamming SignalInstant Light Up TRIGGER LED After Verified The Jamming Signal
Detecting DistanceAccording To The Output Power Of Signal Source

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